Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama's Jobs Speech & NFL Season Opener Gets High Ratings

After all the hoopla about President Obama wanting to lay out his plan for job creation before a joint session of Congress and the American people, the numbers seem to speak for themselves.

President Obama's job speech drew 31 million viewers indicating that Americans are extremely engaged concerning Washington's efforts to solve our nation's job crisis.  When the President first requested to address Congress, Republicans did not like that President Obama proposed to speak on the same day as a previously scheduled Republican Presidential debate.

House Speaker John Boehner even made several references that the American people didn't want to hear "another speech" by this President even if it was about jobs.  The high ratings of President Obama's speech seems to indicated that Speaker Boehner may have misread the interests of the American people.

While the President's speech attracted 31 million viewers, the Republican Presidential debate the night before only drew 5.4 million viewers.  Even the NFL season opener that followed the president speech drew less viewers than the President's address with 27.2 million viewers.  It was said to have been the second highest rated NFL regular season game watched on any one network in 15 years.

Now all the American people want to know is if their time was well spent which can be evidenced by the actual creation of jobs resulting from the President's proposal and the passage of an actual jobs bill.

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