Friday, February 12, 2010

Black News: University of Alabama Huntsville Shooting

U. Alabama Huntsville is confirming that three people were killed in a campus shooting.  The suspect was a female.  Another student was injured, and the woman is in custody.  Another student was injured as well.  The shooting took place in the science building.

Young Girl Beaten Badly As Security Watched the Fight

In this still frame taken from surveillance video released Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010 by the King Co. Sheriff's Department, unarmed security guards in yellow vests are shown standing and watching as a fight begins between two 15-year-old girls in a downtown Seattle bus tunnel on Jan. 28, 2010. The guards' actions during the attack have prompted a review of the policy that unarmed, civilian guards call police and not try to stop fights or crimes. (AP Photo/King Co. Sheriff's Department)

A 15-year-old girl who was badly beaten and robbed in a Seattle bus tunnel as three unarmed security guards looked on told investigators that she thought the men would protect her.

The statements were revealed in court papers filed Wednesday against the teen girl accused of attacking her and the three young men accused of stealing her purse, phone and iPod. The four were all charged with first-degree robbery.

The victim told a King County sheriff's detective that the group followed her from a nearby department store into the bus tunnel at Westlake Station on Jan. 28, and she deliberately stood next to the three guards.

The guards didn't intervene, though. They have standing orders to "observe and report," so they called police but did nothing else as another 15-year-old girl punched and repeatedly kicked the victim in the head.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama as a Pimp? That’s what the Tea Partiers Think

From Hip Hop Wired.


A tea party group in Houston has been passing around a picture of President Obama as a pimp., founded by Dale Robertson sent out an email with the subject line: “Obama Pimpin Obama-Care, One Last Time!.”  Robertson was also shown holding up a sign calling taxpayers “Niggars.”