Friday, September 23, 2011

Chris Brown Rewards Fan for Returning Bling Lost at VMAs

R&B Sensation Chris Brown was delighted to get his $22,000 Rolex diamond watch back he lost last month during a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Brown accidentally threw one of his most prized possessions into the crowd.

In keeping his promise as sent in a Tweet, to show appreciation to the person who returned it, Brown rewarded the honest fan, Alisha Borton, with a visit to her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and gave her two tickets to his concert at the local venue, Riverbend Music Center.

His tweet read:  S/O to Alisha Borton @lish2487 for returning my watch at the VMAs!! I want to invite you to my show in Cincinnati. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

Brown's bodyguard went into the audience immediately after the VMA performance to retrieve the expensive timepiece. Much to Brown's delight, Borton came forward to return it.

While in Cincinnati, Brown also met with Borton before the show. Website TMZ reports that Brown 'invited her to hang with him and his entourage before the show to eat some cake'.

And what visit with Chris Brown would be complete without a autograph photo of himself:?  ....Which he graciously gave.

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