Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by LeBron James' Wannabe 'Dad'

Leicester Stovall & LeBron James
The claim of Leicester Bryce Stovall who said he was the father of LeBron James has been dismissed by
a Washington, D.C. judge.

TMZ reports that Stovall had all eight of his claims rejected because he could not prove them and had "not identified any damages."  Stovall has accused James' mother Gloria with tampering with a paternity test.

Stovall, a Princeton graduate and former legal advisor to the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission, said he wants to re-take a DNA test and could appeal the dismissal.

Stovall sued for $4,000,000 in damages and requested a jury trial. He claims he had a one night stand with Gloria James when she was 15 and he 29.  Can you say, statutory rape?

~YBW Staff

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