Monday, September 19, 2011

Cornell West Part of Group Seeking Obama Challenger

Dr. Cornell West has joined forces with former Presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Nader to promote a "progressive agenda" with an intent of attracting a liberal challenger to President Barack Obama.

As part of the steering committee of the New Progressive Alliance (NPA), West, who has reportedly joined with Nader, is leading a group of liberals and academics, seeking candidates to debate Obama on key issues.

The NPA expects a nominee to fully support the organization's comprehensive progressive platform ratified in August. Platform tenets include full employment at a living wage, environmental sustainability, social welfare and fair trade.

The NPA's website sites the following:

The NPA opposes both of America's sold-out, anti-Progressive major parties. We not only support a primary election challenge to Barack Obama in 2012, but will endorse an Independent or third-party candidate to oppose both corporatist marionettes in the general election, provided they publicly pledge to run on the Unified Progressive Platform and to govern based upon it when elected.

The New Progressive Alliance (NPA) is a grassroots organization founded in 2010, entirely online, in response to the Democratic Party’s complete and final forsaking of its role as the leading voice for Progressive ideals and reform in America.
By YBW Staff Writer

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