Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nicole Spence Advice: He Needs to Stop Selling Dreams!

by Nicole Spence

There is this girl I know, and we're friends.

She has been sorta dating this guy, well they've flirted with the idea of being more, but never took it there fully. Why? Cuz he is always on some stop and go shit! You know one minute wanna kick things up a couple of notches and the next he's on his period!

I don't like inconsistency so I encourage her to dip out! Don't delete him from your phone, but he sure as hell shouldn't be in her top 5!She took my advice and remained out of the picture for a couple of months, and you know never really gave the idea of him another thought, other than the occasional " what the hell was his problem"?
Fast forward time passes and he reaches out stating how much he misses her ( oh yea? ) and get this, that he realized that he needs her in his life. ( Pretty heavy shit I thought). So they exchange niceties back and forth, but she's still wading in the water because she doesn't know what this brother wants.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Black Inspiration: Overcoming Obstacles and Facing Challenges

In the beautiful words of wisdom writer James Allen, “There is an appointed season when inspiration meets opportunity and one will move toward his destiny to fulfill his divine purpose.” For me, there is no greater pleasure than the ability to use my intellect and abilities to alleviate human pain and suffering. The personal gratification I receive from working with and caring for others is a major motivation behind my desire to become a physician. Furthermore, becoming a physician will allow me to participate in one of the most intimate dialogues between people. In this role, I will be able to empower individuals to take better care of themselves as well as those around them.

“Relentless” is how I would describe my mindset over the past nine years with respect to my journey to medical school. As a college junior, I took the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) for the first time, confident that I performed well enough to be competitive. I was excited at the prospects of starting medical school the following year. I applied to medical school for the first time my senior year in college and was unsuccessful. Despair set in as I realized that my dream would not come to pass as I had planned. I consulted with an advisor who provided insights into what it would take to become a competitive applicant. I then enrolled in a MCAT review course and participated in a Summer Medical and Dental Education Program.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

It May Have Bottomed Out - But Why Not Start a Business and Take Advantage of It

The hard times are not new to most African Americans - in fact, for many, it just another day. We know how to stretch our money, we also know how to get the products that we want, by juggling, if necessary. But, even with all of that, if you ever even considered starting your own business, now is still a good time. You can spend this time working on your ideas, developing a concept, researching the industry, learning as much as you can. In fact, if you had previously done your business planning but was priced out of the market, now might be a better time to jump in.
Let's talk retail businesses, which I have experience in. Many manufacturers have to think of ways to move their product - get it into stores. They also have to should be willing to help you sell the product so that you will continue being a distributor for them. So, they are offering all kinds of discount terms, no shipping, longer payoff terms, etc to lower your product costs. This lower start-up amount could make a big difference.
Another big expense will be the lease or purchase of your retail location. Well, we all know that the real estate market took a hit. So, there is a lot of commercial inventory sitting -as a result of the unfortunate businesses that didn't make it through the nose dive. As such, the landlords and building owners are having to drop prices, be more negotiable in terms to get someone in these places. I have been watching the rents drop and sales prices drop on several buildings (I regularly watch the DC Metro and Philadelphia Metro markets). In fact, I have seen buildings sit now, over a year - where some owners appear in-flexible. I guess they don't mind the loss, but I would say, that attitude will eventually change.

Of course, there is still the consideration of your consumer. Will they have the money to buy your product? This question requires the same considerations that you would have had even in a good economy - what do you need to get customers and keep customers? are you competitive? do you have good customer service? etc.

Anyway, I say get planning, get moving, get started. If you are in the Philly area, I want to help you get going. Attend my seminar on Tips to Open a Bookstore, Gift Shop or Specialty Boutique on Jun 3, 7PM - see my website for more info and to register

Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Love and Money: Are Rich Guys allowed to cheat?

In this episode of "Financial Lovemaking", Dr Boyce and Tia break down whether or not wealthy men are allowed to make mistakes that men with less money are not allowed to make. Dr. Boyce brings up Kobe Bryant as an example of men with power and wealth who are sometimes given the right to do things that other men might not be allowed to do.

Dr Boyce provides the analysis, and Tia provides the spice.  Mars and Venus are perfectly aligned in this episode.

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