Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook: A Change Gone Continue to Come

Many Facebook subscribers are growing increasingly frustrated with the plethora of changes being implemented by Facebook in its effort to remain "fresh".

With about 750 million active monthly subscribers using Facebook , there is widespread anger over changes to the ‘news feed’ — the stream of information collated on the front page of every Facebook profile — and the overall profile changes.

Facebook is changing because it needs parity with Google+, the new social network on the scene. Facebook needs to be seen as progressive; otherwise it could be demonised or fall into the trap of ‘being the next MySpace’.

Subscribers are complaining about the changes introduced Tuesday night that include a new Twitter-style, scrolling news "ticker" and a news feed redesigned to display posts that Facebook algorithms deem as the most important.

At today's Facebook's annual conference/meeting, F8, company founder and president, Mark Zuckerberg is expected turn the spotlight back on Facebook by introducing features - including a social music-entertainment dashboard and a long-awaited iPad app - designed to enhance how members spend their time within the social network.

As one of the main announcements at this year's meeting, a Facebook app for the iPad is expected to be a game changer. The company has long had apps for mobile phones, but nothing that took advantage of Apple's best-selling tablet computer.

~YBW Staff

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