Friday, September 9, 2011

Is "The Man" Out to Keep T.I. Behind Bars

Rapper T.I. and his camp are up in arms because the popo saw it fit to come and take T.I back to jail claiming a violation of the rules of being transported from prison to a half-way house after his release on August 31st.

Prison officicals say the reason they picked up T.I. was because in the arrangements for his transport, it was agreed that the only person on the tour bus would be his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.  However, officials say that instead, he had his manager and two VH1 producers on the bus.  As a result, T.I. is reported to have a reality show deal with VH1.

According to prison officials, during that transport, T.I. was not allowed to conduct business, but rather go straight to the half-house - do not pass go, and sure as hell do not collect $200!

Although VH1 and T.I.'s manager sent letters stating business had not been conducted, prison officials have made it clear that they don't believe any of them.

It sure it hard out here for a pimp - and a rapper too!

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