Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matchmaker Sues Gayle King for Not Coming through with Oprah

Orly Hadida -- aka Orly the Matchmaker - is suing the world's most favorite best friend, Gayle King for not getting her on Oprah. 

After allegedly spending hundreds of hours hooking Gayle up with 5 men, Orly claims that she waived her normal $500,000 matchmaking fee in exchange for an arrangment she made with Gayle two years ago to get her on Oprah's show before it ended.

Orly claims she hooked Gayle up with a bunch of “attractive, fit, and wealthy men,” but Gayle reneged on her promise to put her on “Oprah.”

According to the lawsuit, Orly sent Gayle an email in May, saying she wanted to get paid since it was obvious she would not be appearing on Oprah's show before its finale.

Gayle King has yet to comment.

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