Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Juan Williams And ESPN Compare Shaq With Imus

On the June 24th broadcast of the ESPN Show, "Outside The Lines," a comparison was made between NBA Star, Shaquille Oneal's recent freestyle-session and Shock-Jock, Don Imus's latest racial tirade. This parallel by ESPN is very disturbing, as a satirical skit by a ball-player - aimed at a fellow ball-player - bears no resemblance to such hate-filled and vitriol-imbued remarks, as that of Don Imus on Monday, June 23, 2008. As expected, FOX News "analyst," Juan Williams, was present to entertain and congratulate the idea:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barack Obama - GOP: "Did I Mention He's Black"

Presidential-Hopeful, Barack Obama at a fundraiser in Jacksonville, speaks of possible GOP tactics vis-a-vis the potency of fear-mongering. He admits that his cultural-identity might be a tool the Republicans will use in an attempt to dissuade his supporters:

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Wendy Williams Talk Oprah and Bill Cosby

Dr. Boyce Watkins and shock jock Wendy Williams at WBLS in New York talk about Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby and life in general. Wendy Williams and Dr. Boyce get along quite well as they both seem to have a problem with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conservative Senator: Shoot-On-Sight...Obama

On the June 18, 2008 edition of the Don Wade & Roma Morning Show, Rep. Mark Kirk, of Illinois's 10th congressional district, spoke of an hypothetical assassination attempt on Sen. Barack Obama. For those of us who can recall, this would not be the first time a Conservative has spoken of Barack Obama in such terms. Late last month, FOX News Contributor, Liz Trotta, referred to the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's reference to RFK's assassination, saying; "Some are reading it as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama," and when corrected by the interviewer, Bill Hemmer, she said, "Obama. Well...both if we could!"

Republican Talk-Show Host Assaults Michelle Obama

On the June 18, 2008 broadcast of MSNBCS's "Verdict with Dan Abrams," Conservative Talk-Show Host, Lars Larson, spoke of Michelle Obama as an ungrateful, lazy and un-fulfilled woman. Unfortunately, the host of the show, Dan Abrams, was unable to take control of the incident or reprimand his guest. Coincidentally, this would not be the first time Dan Abrams has refused to defend a Black Woman being verbally-assaulted on his show: http://youtube.com/watch?v=o45G2actM8I . When would this madness stop?!!! Would Cindy McCain, Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush be treated the same way???!!!!! Black Women are being incessantly assailed by the rhetoric of Chauvinists, without any ramifications. It is incumbent upon us to do what is necessary to protect the integrity of our women:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rap Music To Blame For Michelle Obama's Problems? - Pearl Jr.

Is Today's Black Music To Blame For All of This?
Pearl Jr.

Just within the past few days, I've been shocked and awed to no end; furthermore, to add insult to injury, major media isn't discussing these high levels of racism against Black women like they did with Rev. Wright. Oh, my bad, Blacks were to look like the racist in that instance and now when non-Blacks do it, it's just barely mentioned. As usual, NOW (National Association of Women) is MIA (missing in action). How about endorsing Barack Obama, NOW that Hillary is out?

Despite crucifying Michelle Obama for her obvious delight of being REALLY proud of America, 9-year-old Malia and 6-year-old Sasha have been labeled "Nappy Headed Hos" by a racist group of people who approved, created, built and leased office space to demagogue-like, so-called, artist Yazmany Arboleda, who developed a HATE exhibit called, "The Assasination of Barack Obama".
obama girls insult

The well-raised daughters of two highly educated, respected, and accomplished Black people have come VICTIM to being lumped into a group of women who have been misogynized to no end in hip hop music. It's time we face the facts. Rap crap music has devastated the Black family leading to the downfall of the Black community. Not even the most successful and powerful Black man's family in political history is immune to being labeled worthless by whoever deems it. Do you recall, the most hated President Bush ever being called "trailer park trash"? Not hardly because the claim would be off base-President George W. Bush is a warmonger as well as a failure as a President to be accurate. In lieu, to label little girls a derogatory term aimed at sex-aged promiscuous Black females, the phrase must NOW be used to describe ALL Black females, despite their age, background, integrity, personality, actions, or prestige.

Then I hear and see that Michelle Obama is being branded "Obama's Baby Mama" instead of Barack's wife. This wreckless slur solidifies the hatred, disrespect, and dismissal of Black women as human beings worthy of a successful Black man's love, matrimony, and commitment. Fox News' Michelle Malkin, a Philippino racist against anything non-White, labeled Mrs. Obama inaccurately, because a "Baby's Mama" isn't married to the father, and since the text on the screen reiterated Ms. Malkin's words, it proves malice, forethought, and apparent collaboration with a female producer by the name of Jessica Herzberg, the show's producer.

michelle baby momma

It's now fun to hurt Black women. Why not, it seems Black men do it all the time, so let's all jump in and rip out the hearts of Black women; after all, too many Black men are too psychologically twisted to realize that the disrespect, abandonment and dishonor they show to Black women will affect their own daughters, mothers and sisters--creating a hostile world for their own off springs, even if their children are bi-racial.

Actor/comedian Eddie Griffin has recently been slapped with a lawsuit because he didn't realize that by his own actions of putting down Black women, abandoning Black women, and going on the big screen praising non-Black women that his own MAMA would be so very disrespected he would get enraged to the point of physically assaulting a producer on his newly developed reality show. You see, they put Griffin's mother in a cheap cheesy hotel and then treated her as if she had no attributes to be respected. After all, she did raise him and must take some responsibility for his actions--the good AND the bad!

I wonder what will it take for us to learn and for Black men to take a stand and NEVER allow that stand to fall down, as with the Don Imus insult to a girl's basketball team calling them "Nappy Headed Hos" and Duane "Dog" Chapman racist rant against his White son's Black girlfriend calling her the "N" word. After a short-lived controversy, both of them got their shows back, and Imus even got a raise and a better time slot.

You see, the word prejudice (pre-judgment) needs to be re-introduced into everyday language as the most pervasive form of racism today--if one is disrespected, then all are subject to be put in the same category of some form of worthlessness.

The hatred of Black women is so vivid that Michelle Obama is being strung up once again. This time for something she didn't even say. Mrs. Obama is being accused of using the term "Whitey", which is supposed to be on some church tape somewhere, but, of course, the tape will soon come to a conservative talk radio or cable news show near you soon. Meanwhile, everyone hate her for the pretense that it MIGHT be true!

The most recent example of straight ignorance and weakness on behalf of Black men that relates to the pre-judgment of Black males, rap crap artist Lil Wayne has a photo of himself as a baby on his recent album cover with gang teardrops, tattoos, and other thug paraphernalia to promote his filthy degrading noise. The most disheartening part is the record company has went all out to saturate the marketplace with a thug baby meaning ALL Black males are criminals and menaces to society despite the age, once again!

Yes, yes, it is top-level record executives, not Black-owned companies, who green light these society destroying images for public consumption. Remember Motown's music of love and healing, featuring songs and lyrics like "Baby Baby Don't Cry", "My Guy", "Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got, "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" "Precious Love" and the sweetest of all, "My Girl". This music gave strength through togetherness. The above small list of songs, written, owned, distributed, and produced by Blacks, of the 1960's, bonded the Black race with love so strong, Blacks tore down the walls of segregation and created a whole new world with vast possibilities.

Today, too many of us are begging to be a part of our own downfall, raising our arms and hands up high, urging pick me pick me, I'll say the most despicable, degrading words if I could just have a few years of fame and fortune, paid to them by those who HATE Black progress.

Even Ashanti has sold her soul to the devil with her newest song urging for Black women to kill, stab, shoot Black men who cheat. I mean, damn, how low can we go?

Inspite of all of this, there is hope lying directly in front of Blacks. The glass ceiling may be shattered to pieces with the Obama's having the best odds of living in the White House as President and First Lady of the USA. Just know, the Obama's are only two people; Blacks must do the work to NEVER, EVER, EVER support ANYTHING that disrespects or dishonors anything Black, and that includes going in your child's room and destroying all that anger music that resonates like a prayer of pain and failure in your child's heart each and every time they hear it.

Too bad, Lil Wayne's album is slated to have the #1 best selling week of 2008. This time, maybe 70 percent of rap crap sales are White hip hoppers because judging by the above atrocities, it's fun and cool to judge Blacks in a bad light. By analyzing rap crap's dismal sales of 2007 and 2008, hip hop is truly a dying genre that should have been never been transformed and owned by non-Blacks. The most disheartening revelation is Blacks financed their own demise, and if Blacks can do that, then Blacks can contribute to their own growth and prosperity.

Pearl Jr. is an author, activist, journalist and producer. She is is a member of the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences. She has authored three books, one documentary and has successfully ran four websites (award-winning) and serves as the founder and owner of Elbow Grease Productions (EGP) and Pearl Jr. Publications. She is best known for her work in the African-American community. She is a long-time activist. As an activist, Pearl Jr. has successfully challenged major corporations to respect the Black community, she has protested and forced major corporations such as Nissan Motors, Ebay, and the NAACP to change their ways to better represent a positive image for African-Americans. Pearl Jr. has also leads the charge consistently against negative rap music. She writes widely published articles such as, "The Rap Crap Treason Act" and "The Golddigger lie leads to Black Male Failure," which has awaken the sleepy giant in the hearts and minds of the Black public. She runs the websites: TRUtalk.us, MichaelJacksonInsider.com, and BlackWomenNeedLoveToo.com

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FOX NEWS Villifies Black Women

The less than reputable folks over at FOX News are at it again. This time, they take it further, in their 'scientific-breakdown' of the "Angry Black Woman." Watch "Reporter," Cal Thomas, educate us about Angry Black Women:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Transcript from the Restraining Order of Superhead's Boyfriend

"Respondent (Steffans) has been physically abusive, has made threats and has been stalking me." "Several months ago she (Steffans) attempted to attack me in the bedroom. She lunged at me and tried to choke me and had both hands around my neck. She then locked herself inside the bathroom. When she came out she had marked up her own neck, and said, "Yeah muthaf*cka this is going to look really good!" "Respondent (Steffans) has been checking my email and voicemail without authorization.""She (Steffans) has hurt herself before and threatened that she would report me to the authorities on multiple occasions. She has followed me to auditions. She has showed up on the set during filming where I was working. She has broken my property and caused significant damage to my vehicle." "I've (Darius McCray) also witnessed her abuse her soon. I've seen her slap her 10 year old son across the face with such force that her son fell to the ground in tears. She has called him names like monkey and stupid. She has asked him questions like, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" "When I (Darius) told her I was going to leave her, she (Steffans) pulled out two large chef knives and stood with both of her hands raised towards me. She called her son into the room, and stated, THIS IS MY ACCOMPLICE. HOW MANY PIECES DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE IN MUTHERF*CKER!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

R. Kelly is Toast: An Attorney Speaks on the R. Kelly Trial

by Jamal Wright, Esq.

R. Kelly is toast.

The talented R&B singer, who has been charged with multiple counts of possession of child pornography, is in the final days of the trial of his life in Chicago. Having beaten his first child pornography case in Florida in 2004 on a technicality, he is up against much tougher odds in this case. Namely, he’s up against strong evidence in the form of a certain infamous videotape.

During the Florida case about explicit photos, his attorneys argued successfully that the main evidence against him should be suppressed due to a faulty process of search and seizure. Prosecutors were defeated, citing the difficulties of connecting evidence to Kelly that the jury can’t even know exists. This time Kelly is facing more motivated prosecutors and up to 15 years in the slammer.

At the beginning of this trial in Chicago, the linchpin evidence didn’t get suppressed. The jury was forced to sit through the entire video. Not good. The defense was forced to resort to ridiculous assertions like the notion that the tape had been doctored or that it was someone else besides the world-famous Kelly, on the tape. Imagine that. One of the biggest stars in the world forced to deny his own image in a video that everybody knows is him. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

He’s toast.

But all the Kelly-funded children’s charities in the world won’t help me muster up an ounce of sympathy for him. Mostly because I think he’s guilty. But also because I believe he’s either stupid or crazy.

Crazy is more forgivable. He may be a sick man. Evidence certainly would support it. You don’t to have to Google his name to know what his reputation is. In an affidavit filed in a 2005 civil case, Jay-Z alleged that Kelly would treat tour audiences to videos of himself with young girls simulating sex acts. He makes videotapes of himself with underage females and allows the tapes out of his sight. Classic crazy. That reeks of someone who doesn’t know right from wrong, even after he was charged earlier for the same type of stuff in Florida. He certainly can’t control his fix.

If he’s sick, then he needs help and this situation is probably the best way for him to get it.

If he’s stupid, it’s unforgivable. It’s unforgivable because he’s blessed with the money to have the best management around him. The type of management that would advise him not to film himself committing felonies with a minor in a such a way that makes a prosecutor smile. A bunch of fellas that would tell him of all he had to lose.

It’s not over for Kelly. The case is scheduled to go to the jury very soon. Every case comes down to the jury’s view. They could view him as an honest business man getting hassled or as a charitable superstar. They could let him go. They could give him the opportunity to help himself on his own.

What can we learn from this?

Here’s the advice Kelly could’ve paid for, but you get for free.
Stay away from committing criminal acts, obviously. But if you absolutely must go criminal, never take pictures of yourself committing a crime. I cringe when I see young males in the inner-city taking pictures holding joints or drinking under age. Detectives and prosecutors have another name for these pictures. Evidence.
I would expand this rule outside of law and say never take a picture doing something you would have trouble explaining to your 11 year-old grand kid when you’re 72. Once a picture hits the internet, it’s out of your hands forever the control over who sees it and under what context it is seen.

In essence, Myspace, is not really yours.

And it isn’t R Kelly’s either. He should’ve known that. But maybe he’s just crazy.

by Jamal Wright, Esq

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Orleans to Be the Site for the State of the Black World Conference

Press Release

The Institute of the Black World 21st Century, underthe leadership of veteran social and politicalactivist Dr. Ron Daniels, announced plans today toconvene the Second State of the Black World Conference(SOBWC) in New Orleans, November 19-23, 2008. Centered on the theme Return to the Source, RestoringFamily, Rebuilding Community, Renewing the Struggle, amajor goal of the conference is to focus national andinternational attention on New Orleans and the Gulf insupport of the right to return of evacuees/displacedpersons and their heroic struggle to reclaim andrebuild their homes and neighborhoods. Accordingly,the organizers of SOBWC hope to attract some 3,000people from Black communities across the United Statesand people of African descent communities in Canada,the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe andAfrica.

Timed to occur after the historic presidentialelection of 2008, SOBWC will assess the outcome of theelection and discuss strategies for advancing aprogressive public policy agenda and privateinitiatives to empower the Black community no matterwho wins the White House. The program/schedule willinclude the Damu Smith Leadership Development andOrganizer Training Institute; A National/InternationalTown Hall Meeting; Katrina Policy Roundtables; aSpecial Session on Haiti; Pan African Policy Forum;Black Family Summit; a wide range of issue areaWorking Sessions: and, Intergenerational Dialogues.

Scores of national, regional and local civilrights/human rights, religious, labor and politicalleaders and activists are being invited to participatein the conference including Marc Morial,President/CEO, National Urban League; Kevin Powell,author, commentator and political activist; Rev. JesseL. Jackson, President, National Rainbow/PushCoalition; Susan Taylor, former Editorial Director,Essence Magazine; Rev. Al Sharpton, President,National Action Network; Dr. Iva Carruthers, GeneralSecretary, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference; KimberlyCrenshaw, Columbia and UCLA Law Professor; RolandMartin, CNN Analyst; Makani Themba-Nixon, ExecutiveDirector, Praxis Project; Dr. Cornel West; Bev Smith,National Radio Talk Show Host;

Haki Madhubuti, author, poet and DistinguishedProfessor; Melanie Campbell, President, NationalCoalition for Black Civic Participation; SoniaSanchez, internationally acclaimed author and poet;and, Danny Glover, actor and humanitarian. SOBWC will also present a Leadership Award toMichael Baisdan for his galvanizing work on the Jena 6Case and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Rev. JeremiahWright for his courageous and visionary leadership asan apostle of liberation theology. Rick Adams,Co-Convener, West PA Black Political Assembly, isChairman of the National Planning Committee; KimberleyRichards, Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond,is Co-Chairperson; and, Larry Hayes, NationalAssociation of Black Social Workers, is the NewOrleans Liaison.

For further Information call: 888.774.2921 or emailsobwc@ibw21.orghttp://www.stateoftheblackworld.org