Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dr Boyce on CNN Radio - Love and Money Conversation

Dr Boyce Watkins discusses the rules of Financial Lovemaking on CNN Radio.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do you have to give an engagement ring back?

New Book for Inmates Seeking to Become Entrepreneurs

from AOL Black Voices, Your Black World 

In the first book published by her New York-based Resilience Multimedia, Sheila Rule delivers much-needed information to a segment of society that has long been ignored: the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. In 'Think Outside The Cell: An Entrepreneur's Guide for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated' by Joseph Robinson, readers learn vital information, including how to overcome obstacles that convicted felons face while trying to reenter society and find work.
Rule, who worked at The New York Times for 30 years before her recent retirement, was spurred to start her publishing company after writing to the incarcerated as a volunteer for the Riverside Church Prison Ministry. With funding from the Ford Foundation, she plans to publish next year the 'Think Outside the Cell' book series featuring real-life stories by the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and their families. Rule takes time to talk about the book with AOL Black Voices.
AOL Black Voices: How did you come up with the idea for the book?
Sheila Rule: Joe's book has been published amid renewed efforts to help the formerly incarcerated-who are disproportionately black and Latino-successfully reenter society. But Joe believes that the reentry programs being developed, while commendable, too often focus on finding jobs in a nation where, according to a Princeton University study, it is easier for a white person with a felony conviction to get a job than for a black person who has never been arrested. Joe believes that "Think Outside the Cell" presents a largely unexplored option-entrepreneurship-that can help give men and women leaving prison a realistic second chance


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Thursday, September 24, 2009











Keep a Child Alive's 2009 Black Ball, an annual benefit to raise funds dedicated to providing life-saving treatment and support to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, will take place on Oct. 15 in New York.

Keep a Child Alive Co-Founder, Alicia Keys, will serve as host and musical director of the Black Ball with fellow Global Ambassadors Iman and Padma Lakshmi as co-hosts. Last year’s Black Ball honoree Queen Latifah will serve as emcee. 

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Barack and Michelle Obama

A new book about the First Couple's marriage claims Michelle Obama gave her husband the silent treatment at one point during the presidential campaign, and that he had eyes for a young woman working for the campaign.

In "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage" (William Morrow), Christopher Andersen claims brazen women on the campaign trail "pushed their bodies up against his, slipped phone numbers into his pockets" and whispered lewd suggestions in his ear as he traveled across the country running for president.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Black News: Shock Jock Michael Baisden gets with Dr. Elaina George to Ask Obama Hard Questions


from AOL Black Voices, Your Black World

Although many Americans have seen and heard the insane debate over healthcare, almost no one understands what's going on. This is doubly true for the African American community, who is affected greatly by this debate and its outcomes. Most black bloggers aren't talking about it and black doctors are too busy to inform the community.
Michael Baisden got with Dr. Elaina George, a prominent black physician in the Atlanta area, to break down the public option, healthcare and all related issues in the interview below.During the interview, Dr. George and Baisden answer some important questions:

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Your Black health: Where are the Parasites in your food?

The parasitic life is all about finding niches in the ecosystem and exploiting them for all they're worth. And after billions of years mucking their way through blood vessels and intestines, you better believe they've gotten rather good at it. Untold billions are clamoring for a chance to get inside you -- and it just so happens that the best way to do that is to stow away in your next meal.

In this article, we're going to take a look at a few menu items with a high probability for parasites. By no means does this mean you're guaranteed a belly full of worms with each one! It's essential to stress that proper food storage, fresh ingredients and sanitary food preparation conditions vastly decrease the chances for food contamination.


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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


oprah jay-z


Oprah visited with Jay-Z earlier in the summer in the Marcy housing project in Brooklyn, and now their chat is out in the new October issue of O magazine, on newsstands Sept. 15. (Click photos to enlarge.) Some highlights: 

On dealing drugs at 13:
Jay-Z: "It was natural..."
Winfrey: "Because drug dealers were your role models. There wasn’t a teacher or lawyer or nurse of doctor or and accountant in the neighborhood?"
Jay-Z: "Well, we were living in Marcy by then, so no. And if anyone did become something like that, they moved out. They never came back to share the wisdom of how they made it. If anyone made it, you never knew it. That’s why I’ve always said that if I become successful, I’d come back here, grab somebody, and show him how it can be done."
On the use of the N word:
Winfrey: "Do you believe that using the N word is necessary?"
Jay-Z: "Nothing is necessary. It’s just become part of the way we communicate. My generation hasn’t had the same experience with that word that generations of people before us had. We weren’t so close to the pain. So in our way, we disarmed the word. We took the fire pin out of the grenade."

On marrying Beyonce:
Winfrey: "Can I ask how in the world you kept your wedding a secret?"
Jay-Z: "Late planning!"
Winfrey: "How many people knew?"
Jay-Z: "Very few. The sad part is that we offended some. But people who love you understand. Because at the end of the day, it’s your day."


letoya luckett tank

just learned that there’s a hot new R&B couple on the loose.
Word is ex-Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett has a new man in her life - R&B singer Tank.
According to a source, LeToya and Tank were in New York together. LeToya was promoting her new album and Tank was promoting ... well ... he was just in New York.
Anyway, the couple was all over town looking cozy together. They went on 106 & Park together, and later were all touchy feely at LeToya'a album release party.
They make a good looking couple ... who knows, maybe this could help both of their careers ... NAH ... we doubt it too.